Event Recap from Rd 4 E:

Quote from Jeff Jones:
I was so pumped to get to Jersey and was really confident we could dominate this round but things didn’t go the way I intended. This had to be the toughest event in my FD career to date as I had a health scare right before the event and we suffered a major mechanical issue taking us out during qualifying. All I can do is say thank you and try to hold my head high but this one really hurt.

I had been working harder than ever to move forward without rest. On June 2nd I came down with a fever and chills that put me on the floor. After 3 urgent care visits, one 8 hour ER visit, 3 cat scans, chest x-ray, 4 different blood tests and a SPINAL tap nothing helped. It really didn’t look like I was going to get better in time to drive the rig up from Orlando and make it to Round 4, let alone be healthy enough to drive.

Thanks to my Crew Chief Chris Jackson, he drove our rig up and I slowly started to see some improvements in health and energy. By Thursday’s practice I was able to stay focused to get some good laps in. We had great practice on Thursday and Friday but unfortunately during our Qualifying run on Friday we suffered a catastrophic mechanical issue taking our engine out of the game. Even with the industries best parts bouncing off the rev limiter…at a thousand horsepower, it can always take its toll.

Thank you everyone and sorry I couldn’t put on the show I wanted to give.
We are hard at work getting parts rebuilt and will come back swinging with a vengeance.

2022 DNA Motoring x Jeff Jones Racing YouTube FD Event Vlog Series:
Our YouTube Series features all the behind the scenes, in-car footage, and more!
Rd 3 Orlando Vlog Video Link
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World Wide Technology Raceway in Madison, IL will host the Formula DRIFT PRO Championship Round 5: Crossroads on July 14-16 as well as the Round 3 of the Formula DRIFT Link ECU PROSPEC Championship. Please visit formulad.com for the competition schedule, ticket information, driver profiles, special content, and the event livestream

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July 14-16 Formula Drift Rd 5 – St, Louis, MO
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September 15-17 Formula Drift Rd 7 – Grantsville, UT
September 24th Hot Pit Autofest Rd 3 (Judging) – San Bernardino, CA
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October 14-15 Formula Drift Rd 8 – Irwindale, CA

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