Event Recap from Rd 6 Seattle, WA:
Jeff Jones Qualified in P14 out of 36 drivers
Top 32 Battle with Sorensen: Jones WON & Advanced into the Top 16
Top 16 Battle with Forsberg: 1 Judge voted for Jones, 2 Judges voted OMT (One More Time)
Top 16 OMT Battle with Forsberg: Judges gave Jones an Incomplete giving Forsberg the Win

Event Highlights:
We successfully debuted our new NRG X JJR collab wheel to the public
Jeff Jones Racing Signature Steering Wheel
Formula Drift Rd 6 was a SOLD OUT event
Rd 6 was one of our biggest merch sale events
We got great seat time in the new chassis and have the car dialed
Huge fan interaction during Half Time with over 10 prize packs raffled

OMT Top 16 Battle with Forsberg:
“Probably one of the most disappointing and controversial calls I’ve experienced in the series.
I have no doubt we would have won this battle but here’s the back story and incomplete rule”

“OMT Run 1: I had a great chase run, I did not expect Forsberg to be as slow as he was this time. I had great line and proximity. I hit the wall in Out Zone 4 (OZ 4) doing unknowing damage to my rear bumper and rear hatch. After a brief inspection from FD staff, I was cleared for competition for Run 2 with the damage not being caught, which would have triggered our team to put hands on the car by using our “Competition Time Out” to fix the bumper and rear hatch.”

“OMT Run 2 was my turn to Lead. I had an amazing initiation and then at maximum angle and a high rate of speed my rear bumper flew off from the damage in Run 1 and a second later it rips open my rear hatch. I finished the run strong, with Forsberg putting 2 tires off in OZ 2 but the judges ruled that my hatch opening during the run….on it’s own without contact from another vehicle or object, was an official “Incomplete” as it distracted the chase driver and the rule exists for safety reasons. This handed Forsberg the automatic win.

“This was a big loss for our team but we have a strong game plan going forward to avoid this major miss. A lot to learn from this incident and our team is currently working with FD to gain clarification around this incident and rules.”

The Jeff Jones Racing team finished Round 6 in 13th Place.
After Rd 6, we are continuing to move back up in overall points. We are now sitting in 18th place going into Rd 7 Utah next month.

“Thank you to our partners for your continued support! Thank you to my team for working so hard at each event. We had a huge turnout during the “Half Time Break” and we look forward to doing more giveaways for all of our drift fans.”

2022 DNA Motoring x Jeff Jones Racing YouTube FD Event Vlog Series:
Our YouTube Series features all the behind the scenes, in-car footage, and more!

Just Released – Rd 5 St. Louis Vlog Video Link
Rd 4 New Jersey Vlog Video Link
Rd 3 Orlando Vlog Video Link
Rd 2 Atlanta Vlog Video Link
Rd 1 Long Beach Vlog Video Link

NEXT ROUND Utah Motorsports Campus in Grantsville, UT will host the Formula DRIFT PRO Championship Round 7: Type S Elevated presented by Autozone and the Final Round of the Link ECU PROSPEC Championship on September 15-17. Please visit formulad.com for the competition schedule, ticket information, driver profiles, special content, and the event livestream.

Next up for Jeff Jones Racing 2022:
September 15-17 Formula Drift Rd 7 – Grantsville, UT
September 24th Hot Pit Autofest Rd 3 (Judging) – San Bernardino, CA
October 9th Nissfest SoCal – Irwindale, CA
October 14-15 Formula Drift Rd 8 – Irwindale, CA

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