Event Recap FD “Throw Down” Rd 6:

“Evergreen Speedway has got to be one of my Top 3 favorite tracks next to Irwindale and Atlanta. Something was in the air this year because it seemed like everyone was just having an absolute blast. The paddocks were absolutely full of fans and they were happy to see us come up Washington…which is what makes it even more unfortunate that we blew a hole in piston #5 and lost our engine just before qualifying.

I can’t sugar coat how much this hurts us in the points. The car was feeling absolutely amazing during practice, running about 90 miles an hour wide-open on the bank with 150 mile an hour wheel speed. The engine popped at the end of Outer Zone 4 causing nice sized fire in the engine bay. I’ve been on fire before, so I knew if I jammed it straight to the fire truck to get them to see me on fire it was the quickest chance to put it out rather than parking and waiting for them to come to me. (See video here)

All in all, not the outcome we wanted but another great weekend racing with the fans. I was signing some autographs while the engine was sitting on the floor later that day and a fan said, Hey I’m really sorry that happened – I replied it’s all good bud, any day racing is another great day. Time to rebuild and come back swinging.

Thank you to all of you that work with us and continue to push our program through. We’ve already got the engine getting rebuilt as we speak and we will be ready to kick some butt in Utah.”

Jeff Jones Racing is now tied for 27th Place going into Rd 7 Utah next month.

Jeff Jones Racing 2023 CA Auto Parts & DNA Motoring YouTube Series:
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What The Drift? PODCAST featuring Jeff Jones and Andy Hateley YouTube Series:
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Utah Motorsports Campus in Grantsville, UT will host the Final Round of the Formula DRIFT Link ECU PROSPEC Championship as well as Round 7 of the FD PRO Championship on September 14-16. Please visit formulad.com for the competition schedule, ticket information, driver profiles, special content, and the event livestream

Next up for Jeff Jones Racing in September 2023:
September 14th-16th Formula Drift Rd 7 “Elevated” Grantsville, UT
September 23rd HOTPIT Autofest x Gear Head Society Rd 5 San Bernardino, CA


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