Season Recap – 2023 FD Rd 8 Irwindale & SEMA Fest

In the season finale of the 2023 Formula Drift (Round 8 Irwindale), Jeff Jones faced a challenging qualifying session that positioned him at 19th place (P19). This set the stage for an intense Top 32 battle against Brandon Sorensen (P14).

Jeff, known for his relentlessness and skill on the track, entered the Top 32 battle in his Evol Auto Works Prisma Labs Nissan 370z determined to showcase his abilities. In a thrilling showdown, Jeff put up a hard fight against Sorensen, displaying precision and control at this epic house of drifting track.

The battle between Jeff and Brandon was nothing short of gripping, with both drivers pushing their limits. Jeff delivered a strong performance, matching Sorensen’s skill move for move. However, in the end, Sorensen managed to secure the win, edging out Jeff to move forward.

While Jeff’s run came to an end at the Top 32, his determination and competitive spirit were evident throughout the battle against Sorensen. Despite the outcome, Jeff Jones Racing continues to showcase resilience, learning from each round to further refine the teams skills and strategies.

We experienced remarkable fan engagement throughout the season, making significant connections with drift enthusiasts. During the half time break, the team had a blast with all the fans during meet-and-greets and our final raffle giveaway of the season. We gave away our custom NRG Steering wheel, a $250 gift card to Evol Auto Works, doc merch packs, Big Drift Energy merch and tons of GT Radial swag.

A standout moment this month was the team’s participation in the SEMA Fest drift demo held in Las Vegas on November 3-4. This epic demo event not only showcased the team’s skill on the track but also provided a platform for direct interaction with fans, creating unforgettable experiences within the drifting world.

At SEMA Fest, fans witnessed Jeff’s passion for keeping it fun firsthand, generating excitement and leaving a lasting impression. The team engaged with fans, offering behind-the-scenes glimpses into their preparation and signing autographs all while some major bands like Bush, Wiz Khalifa, Incubus and Imagine Dragons performed.

Another Sema highlight was the SEMA Week Drift Social hosted HOTPIT Autofest which brought the drift community for an epic party, capped off by an impromptu performance from Hert and T-Pain, adding such an unforgettable moment to the event.

To our partners, we deeply appreciate your unwavering support throughout the 2023 season. Your invaluable contributions have played a pivotal role in our journey, providing essential resources, expertise, and support that have helped navigate the challenges faced during our competition. The team extends heartfelt gratitude to each sponsor for their commitment, believing that your partnership has been instrumental in pushing the boundaries of performance and innovation. The support from passionate fans and dedicated sponsors continues to be a driving force behind the Jeff Jones Racing program. The team remains committed to our goal of taking the team to the podium again and again, engaging with fans, and continuing to push the limits of drifting, which is all made possible through the backing of our enthusiastic supporters and our partners.

As the 2023 season draws to a close, this season was a testament to skill, innovation, and perseverance, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what the team will bring to the track in 2024. We stand tall with a collection of 15 seasons of FD achievements, lessons learned, and an eye towards the future. We faced some unfortunate mechanical struggles this season that affected our overall standings and performance on the track but these challenges fueled the team’s determination to bounce back stronger than ever. The team is already gearing up for an electrifying comeback in 2024 season. Stay tuned for off-season content and news, promising updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the prep for the 2024. The countdown has begun for an epic 2024 season ahead!

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